Personnel management is a complex and intricate process that requires specific expertise in the field of labor and social security legislation. Outsourcing this process will quickly justify the costs of managing staff.

Payroll services include fully managed payroll:

  • Order salaries
  • Preparation and maintenance of the personal staff files
  • Issuance of the necessary documents upon termination of employment - Order for termination of employment Certificate of income PM - 2 PM - 3 and Certificate of income for the previous twelve months
  • Preparation of payroll wages
  • Filling the budget payment orders for debts to the state
  • Maintain archive database on magnetic media
  • Preparation of statements for receiving child allowances from the respective regional department of social security
  • Submission of forms Model 1 and 6 on paper and magnetic media - monthly and annually
  • Preparation and registration of labor and civil contracts
  • Preparation of statements on applications for bank loans at the set form
  • Issue and completing the work books
  • Completion of insurance licenses
  • Preparation of the necessary package of documents on retirement
  • Completion of the necessary documents for payment of cash benefits and benefits from the State Social Security Fund