According to Article 40, paragraph 1, item 3 of the Accounting Act, companies that are not obliged to publish their annual financial statements in the Trade Register, have an obligation to publish them through economic magazine or internet.

We provide you the opportunity to publish the reports quickly and easily, as you can scan it and send it via e-mail: or by clicking here.

All published annual financial statements are available using the "Published AFS" below.

You need to quote the name of the company, ID, registered address and telephone for contact.

Within 24 hours your reports will be published and will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of publication acording to the requirements of Art. 40, paragraph 6 of the Accounting Act.

The fee for the publication of the annual financial statements in our website is 10.00 BGN and may be paid in cash or by bank account of "RC ACCOUNTING" LLC.